Document Management


Take your information management to the next level. With our document management services and software, you can fully optimize your workflow without spending a fortune on additional systems, business process management consultants or expensive audits. Using advanced technology, your documents are scanned and converted to digital images in virtually any file format.

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The benefits of our document management services are extensive and will save your company time and

  • Eliminate the need for unnecessary storage space
  • Reduce paper costs
  • No more lost files due to human error
  • Find information quickly and efficiently
  • Decrease document discovery wait times
  • Simplify compliance issues with document tracking
  • Automated process tracking

Did you know that each filing cabinet in your office takes up to 9 square feet of office space, costs you $25,000 to fill, and costs another $2,000 annually to maintain the documents it contains? Considering that on average 20 copies of each document are made, and that 19 of 20 are lost in the shuffle, and that most of your documentation is not readily accessible when you need it due to misfiling, there could be critical consequences for these issues.

What does that mean for you? Not being able to find information quickly and efficiently costs you valuable dollars in administrative costs, increases the wait time for your internal and external customers to receive this information, and decreases either confidence in the management team at your business or customer satisfaction to the outside client depending on the situation. One of the many solutions available from our Paperless Technologies division could be the answer to your document management needs. Paperless Technologies’ software integrates seamlessly with any current email, accounting, EMR/EHR, or other software systems, enabling users to have access to the information they need instantaneously. This eliminates time spent searching for files, client receipts, or patient charts so they can focus on what matters most to your business.

Compliance is an area in which we have helped many organizations overcome current and potential obstacles to decrease the amount of time spent chasing paper. Do you know who last accessed a file? Did they modify that file in any way or add or remove paperwork from it? Did they scan or fax it to another location? Was it received by that location? Did they have the correct fax number when sending, or did your confidential information reach another person’s office by mistake? Will there be legal consequences for this? Paperless Technologies offers document tracking for compliance. You can see who last “checked out” the record(s), who modified them last, what was done with them, and when they were “returned” to document storage, all without having a paper file in hand. Users can only see what you give them access to, so there is no need to worry that private HR information will be seen by the nursing staff, or that student records will be viewed by your summer intern.