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Despite the desire to move to a "paperless" environment, the reality is that paper records continue to be created, utilized and relied upon at the most critical moments. As a result, the need to store and manage paper records continues to grow.

Having an effective records management program not only develops the groundwork for compliance, but it also stabilizes the growth of records. Properly managing those records is essential to ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Every business needs a safe, compliant and affordable method of storing, retrieving and managing its hardcopy from inception through destruction.  Ford Business Machines has been providing document management services to government and businesses of all sizes since 2009.  We offer complete management and conversion of paper and micrographics to digital images including books, newspapers, maps and other large formats.  Ford understands your document management needs and provides solutions based on customer specific requirements and resources.  Our services can:

  • Eliminate the need for unnecessary storage space
  • Reduce paper costs
  • Eliminate lost files due to human error
  • Find information quickly and efficiently
  • Decrease document discovery wait times
  • Simplify compliance issues with document tracking
  • Automate process tracking
Document imaging provides access to your information when you need it either on your network or via the internet with our online client software. We can scan and index day-to-day documents, large and wide format documents, and microfilm, making them easily accessible and digitized.
Enterprise content management (ECM) is a document management software solution that delivers the ability to store, manage, and track all electronic content (images, email, Microsoft Office, etc.), allowing for the capability to share, process, and manage your information with far greater
While it’s important for companies and organizations to have an effective plan for organizing and managing their documents while in-use, it’s just as critical to