Ford Business Machines: A Glimpse Into The Future


From the beginning, Ford’s primary focus has been the customer.  We have always believed that going the extra mile to make certain that we offered an unprecedented experience was the only way to do business and that in turn, our customers would come to value Ford Business Machines as their company of choice.  

Over the course of the years, as the industry has progressed, we have continued to hold the customer experience above all else.  Our evolution has included the addition of office technology solutions that allow us to be able to provide a one-stop-shop for all our customers’ needs.  These additions provide an all-encompassing technology solution for everything from document security to IT help desk support and disaster recovery.

Every day, we are exploring more ways to deliver additional best-in-class solutions that provide our clients the ability to stay ahead of their competition and run more efficiently and cost effectively.  Our future is bright, and we hope to a have the opportunity for a long and profitable future of working together.

We are very excited about our new expansion initiatives taking place throughout 2019:


Plans are underway to open a STEM teaching lab on the grounds of the Ford Business Machines main headquarters in Connellsville, PA.  The addition will provide a space for teachers, students and adult learners to explore digital fabrication machinery and other technology-related equipment in order to facilitate the growing demand for these fields in the workforce.  The opening of the facility is tentatively scheduled for spring 2019.


With the successful growth of Ford into the Pittsburgh and Shenango Valley markets over the course of the last few years, Ford is excited to continue our expansion into the northern Pennsylvania territory.  Our plans to break into the Erie market will lead to the development of our service department in the central and northern territories, which will better allow us to serve those areas with unprecedented response times.


Ford has always kept a close eye on the trends of the industry and in 2019, we will actually be setting an industry trend with the addition of a branding & marketing solution for small businesses.  While still in the developing stages, our services will include everything from creative branding initiatives to website design and from social media management to search engine optimization.  We believe that businesses of every size should have the same opportunity for success in an efficient, packaged and cost-effective plan.

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