Ford Business Machines, Inc. is Expanding by the Acquisition of Marshall Copier Service & Hicks Office Supply.

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There is something to be said about doing business with a family-owned company. You get to know the people, they get to know you. It’s just a great way to do business.
Hicks Office Equipment is one of those companies. They are proud to announce that they’ve merged with another family-owned company that shares the same core values of trust and customer satisfaction.

Hicks Office Equipment with Ford Business Machines, Inc.

The merging of Hicks Office Equipment & Ford Business Machines, Inc.

Ford Business Machines, while the Hicks Office Equipment name will change, the service, trust & ability to help your business grow as a customer & friend will remain with Ford Business Machines. With the new name, will come new services.Helping you cut cost, increase efficiency, track cost and protect your business private data through expanded document management and IT services, that no one else in the area can offer. So when you call in, you will hear a new name from the same old friends you have come to trust over the years. Ford Business Machines, visit us online at

As part of Ford Business Machines, Inc.’s continuing expansion, we are excited to announce this acquisition of Hicks Office Equipment and Marshall Copier Service. When two companies with the same goals of providing the ultimate technology and business efficiencies come together it creates synergy. Resulting in, a better foothold to cater the business or organizations in the Western Pennsylvania region. The purchase of Hicks Office Equipment and Marshall Copier Service bolsters our current product offerings and gives us the opportunity to continue servicing their established client relationships. Many exciting things are happening for our business, This acquisition as well as our formidable state-of-the-art IT center will give us the ultimate toolset to provide IT managed services and multifunctional printing capabilities to better serve our clients.

Ford Business Machines acquires 2 companies In Western Pennsylvania

Acquiring these companies will solidify Ford Business Machines, Inc. as the forerunner in the business technology, equipment, and IT-related services.
This acquisition helps us to enhance the company’s future performance by improving our business growth and by expanding our customer base into the Shenango and Mahoning Valley areas.
We look forward to developing lasting relationships with the businesses throughout these areas.
We are “Real People…Real Solutions”


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