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In today’s hi-tech marketplace, Promethean boards are taking teaching from merely interesting to marvelously interactive.

Why Choose Ford’s Other Technologies?

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The ActivPanel is a USB HID standard interactive flat panel LED display with ten touch points, one digital pen, two stylus, a licensed copy of ActivInspire Professional Edition software and manufacturer’s warranty.

Select from a choice of 55”, 65”, 70” Full HD and 84” 4K UHD displays. Extended warranty options are available for up to five years advanced replacement and on-site support

Benefits include:

• Interactivity - 10 points for gestures and multi-user collaboration, including digital pen for differentiated input
• ActivGlideTM - 4mm acid etched, anti-glare and anti-reflective, glass surface. As tough as quartz and as smooth as ice
• Pens - Digital pen and stylus are designed for the ergonomics and mechanics of both left and right-handed writing
• OS Support - Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Chromebook OS* compatibility
• Connectivity - An array of input and output ports including HDMI, USB 3.0 and OPS
• Classroom Features - Freeze or blank screen options
• Award-Winning Software - A licensed copy of ActivInspire Professional Edition Such features make the ActivPanel range a most compelling suite of front-of-class displays to the advantage of every student and teacher who interact with the large, bright screen of Promethean’s classroom solution.
Subject to availability, terms, and conditions on,All dimensions and weights are approximate. Product Specifications are subject to change without notice.