Six (6) Benefits of Choosing an Independent Office Technology Dealer

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With the continuous evolution of office technology, including advancements in multifunction printer capabilities, the growth of managed IT services, and the increased need for document management services, the ability of independent dealers to meet these ever-growing demands versus manufacturer direct is becoming more and more clear.  While the pull to deal directly with the manufacturer may seem very enticing, there are several benefits of working with an independent dealer that you should be aware of before making any decisions.

  • Multiple products to select from.  Independent dealers offer multiple manufacturer options that provide flexibility with regards to pricing and individual requirements. 
  • Results driven.  Independent dealers are not driven by stats or numbers for any particular brand.  Instead, they are focused on listening to the customer to ensure that they are providing the right equipment or service for the desired result.  There is no need to put a spin on a product to make up for a feature that is not available, because they can offer a product that has the desired feature.
  • Fast and reliable service and support.  Every piece of equipment at some point requires service and support.  The goal of any business is to have as little down time as absolutely necessary to maximize their own efficiency and revenue potential.  Independent dealers have a far superior service infrastructure designed to better service their equipment quickly and effectively. 
  • Flexibility.  Independent dealers offer more freedom in the way business is conducted.  They can more easily accommodate specific billing requests, desired delivery needs, or special service requirements, allowing greater flexibility to most effectively accommodate a customer’s business model.
  • System integration.  When businesses utilize multiple services offered by many independent dealers in conjunction with one another, such as document management and managed IT, they’re able to capitalize on the ability to integrate their data company wide.  This integration provides businesses the ability to easily access any and all information necessary to conduct business more efficiently and profitably.  
  • Locally owned.  Independent dealers are typically locally owned with a very personal stake in their reputation.  They work very hard to make sure that their business is conducted at the highest level to ensure that their reputation is upheld.

With a multitude of options when it comes to office technology, independent dealers have understandably taken a very important seat at the table.  They offer diversity, flexibility, responsiveness, and a local partnership.