Donny Simuel

Housing Authority of the County of Beaver

Upon my years of working with Ford Business Machines, I can say the team of professionals they have working with myself and the company I represent are good. Any issues from support..

Robert Wissinger

Purchasing Agent | Butler Health System

Butler Health System has been working with Ford Business Machines for the past 7 years, and in that timeframe Ford has become more than just a vendor that we can trust..

Joan Miller

Operations Officer | Lifesteps, Inc.

Lifesteps has been a customer of Ford Business Machines since 2008. They respond to emerging needs quickly and professionally. Lifesteps have found the Ford Business..

Brian Taylor

President & CEO | Municipal Mutual Ins. Co. of WV

After being decades behind the technology curve, our company turned the corner and decided to invest in efficiency and we are extremely happy that we partnered with..

Brian G. Froehlich

Chief Operating Officer | Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

Partnering with Ford Business Machines has streamlined our document management systems and created a significant monthly savings to our bottom line. Ford has exceeded..

Diane Gerber

Manager, Investment Management Library | Federated Investors, Inc.

As I have expressed previously, I was very pleased with the work performed at every stage of the project. From the well thought out planning to execution and finally..

Jeff Burks Mascara

Executive Vice President/CEO

Ford's professionalism, efficiency, product knowledge, delivery, customer service and follow-up is excellent and I truly appreciate all of the support you have provided..

Crystal Simmons

My employer works closely with FORD - FORD provides all the printers and copiers in addition to software. I have a personal printer in my office and there is a large printer in the back room that is shared by two departments consisting of 9 employees. The service crew is great, anytime we are in need of toner replacements they usually know even before I do - this makes it easy to manage office operations when the little things are taken care of. FORD's Paperless division, Paperless Technologies, helped out big last year. Our offices were flooded and Paperless came in and scanned all the damaged documents. I can access them straight through Excel and they are indexed - I am almost happy the flood came!

Jennifer Stefano

Jennifer Stefano Printings

Working with the Ford Business Family is like an extension of the Stefano’s Printing Family. We have had a business relationship with Ford Business Machines for over twenty..


Ford Business Machines offers exceptional service for business'. I would highly recommend them for all printing equipment, data security, and digital asset management and recovery. They have been helping my family's business for over 20 years. Treating clients like family and are willing a ready to help and maintain document and IT organization.

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